5 October 2017

I remember
sharing a way of seeing
the world written on a napkin
imagining your map of stories
drawn on fine paper wings.

It made me smile to think
of traveling against wind
with sad bears, old cats
imaginary friends
and things.

5 September 2017

You remind me of a time
when music was warm
on cold snowy walks
to lonely places
where nobody talks
in the guise
of incandescent faces
entertaining lies
in the windows inside
like scenes of a silent film
about nothing.

3 May 2017

With the tide
the poet came
and came again
lapping at my thighs
in shallow waves
the poet sighed
and came
and came again.

2 May 2017

Beauty, weighted against the ache of nothingness, is fading gracefully. My body, an elegant scar of flesh fused to memory, gives way to its weary ghosts. Signs of light and lightness seep through the lines to the living, dying.  I see my corpse amidst the shadows, quietly ablaze.

14 March 2017

All around
our stone dreams crumbled.

Your tired feathers broken, fell
to the greys of old, the dust, the cold.

Your heaviness clung stubborn
to the weakness in my bones.

Your silence swallowed sorrow
to the depths you walk alone.

Yet for all that came to pass, my love,
it was with you that she was born.

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