17 October 2016


your wild words
is a surge
of excitement
and a lie
on every note.

Your limbs are flailing.
Your eyes are drowning.
You’re swallowing it all.


What will happen

if he turns the silence

and the quiet in the walls

through the cracks

and I laugh again?

La rosa

La ausencia no existe
en los recuerdos imaginarios
en los momentos

Solo existe el reflejo de ti.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia es un ascenso
del silencio, del mar
escuchándome, contándome
puedo soltar.

Mis manos tiemblan aquí.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia susurra
sus secretos escondidos
por hilos invisibles, cosidos
en mis dedos.

Has dejado tu aliento en mi.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia me llama
a través de la ventana
es la boca espantosa
de una rosa hermosa.

Te quiero entrar.


Elegance awoke in tears
to the soft words
you spoke.

When the time came
for a quiet pause
you broke.


caminaré contigo
liberando mis miedos
dejando mis huellas
en las manos
de mareas
al mar.

After all

I see
this storm
will steer me
that road
where wild
are slit
and arranged
just so.


in circles
she goes
she goes
in circles.


There’s a reason it’s there.
I liked it at first
now I despise it.

I can´t believe I even put it there
so I have to think about that.

That’s the reason it’s there.

The other side

pull us in
to the other side
of broken
where our wings
our fragile limbs
by the echoes
and the shadows
pull us in.

Las lágrimas

Hilos de luz
tan finas
más frágiles
caen aquí
es mojado
el oscuro
no es frío
donde respiro
los recuerdos
de ti.


Oscilo entre la cordura y la locura sin fin; entre el amor y la tristeza, el ego y la humildad, la resiliencia y la fragilidad. Imagino que algún día todas estas contradicciones me destruirán. Un día caminaré con el peso de la tristeza y la ligereza de la alegría en el alma. Con la mente tranquila haré una pausa, un respiro. Y, de pronto, me desharé en polvo como si fuera el cristal más delicado del mundo.

Book of love

She sensed his
insensitive wit
guarded inside
more sensitive
questions of love
driven by goodbyes
from a place
where music resides
as faith
in an infinite kiss
where magic lingers
in her fingers
while pondering
the book of love
which he read
before he wed
and said
“I do”


An amber light
broke through
a mist of indigo
stirring a smile
in her tea
by the window
where she bleeds
ink stained
love making


Her roots took hold
in winter’s embrace
passing through
growing slow
of her being
the colors of seasons
into reasons
to go.

One Sunday

I remember
sharing a way of seeing
the world written on a napkin
imagining your map of stories
drawn on fine paper wings.

It made me smile to think
of traveling against wind
with sad bears, old cats
imaginary friends
and things.

You remind me

You remind me of a time
when music was warm
on cold snowy walks
to lonely places
where nobody talks
in the guise
of incandescent faces
entertaining lies
in the windows inside
like scenes of a silent film
about nothing.

The poet

With the tide
the poet came
and came again
lapping at my thighs
in shallow waves
the poet sighed
and came
and came again.

May I leave now

Beauty, weighted against the ache of nothingness, is fading gracefully. My body, an elegant scar of flesh fused to memory, gives way to its weary ghosts. Signs of light and lightness seep through the lines to the living, dying.  I see my corpse amidst the shadows, quietly ablaze.

Numb to love

My long hands burn cold
still, and at my side they are
my companions
on this traveled road.

I’m farther now
than I want to be
numb to love
numb to be

is where
I aimed
to be.


I stand here
in my solitude
listless in the weight
of loves gone by.

Into the sea

My dreams
seek refuge
in naked agony
where I stand
with soiled hands
letting go of old
dreams to return
return again
until the voices
in the solace
of a cold heart
where love rests still
no more to fill
no more flowers
no more
the sweet ghosts of birds
fly through me
whispering to me
come now
come into the sea.


Your words breathe
a sincere caress
in the aching cold
my tears roll

I feel half alone
half here
hidden, written
in bitter poetry

Stone dreams

All around
our stone dreams crumbled.

Your tired feathers broken, fell
to the greys of old, the dust, the cold.

Your heaviness clung stubborn
to the weakness in my bones.

Your silence swallowed sorrow
to the depths you walk alone.

Yet for all that came to pass, my love,
it was with you that she was born.

Once upon

She believed the stars
were spirits dancing
until the day she saw
each one suspended
in a quiet constellation.

Sex lies

in the sheets between
your body heat and mine
where your body meets mine
we find the dirt inside our minds
so we throw away the reasoning
and listen to the breathing
and forget the stress
and forget the mess
our lives are in
to feel
a sense of real
intimate elation
as we fuck up
fill us up
with any luck
we’ll make up
for a miserable day
that leads the way
to tomorrow
to forget
our reality
in need
of someone, please
feed the seeds
of our soul.

Said the seas to the sands

Tearing open the seas
heavy rain poured down
she got down on her knees
let her fearful heart drown.

Begging freedom no more
her head in his hands
“she took sex like a whore”
said the seas to the sands.

The storm shadowed the night
waves ravaged the shore
he cried out in delight
feeling sick to his core.

As the sun warmed the sands
calm carried the seas
she was not in his plans
he wept, “forgive me, please”.

Flight of Angels

The fall to darkness carried me
over seas beyond starless skies,
on blackened wings of poetry,
my soul, with dead angels lies.

With you

Shattered and transformed
in madness and in love
She reached into the abyss
let it reach into her
it planted its roots
stirred mysteries above
kindly unearthing
a way to see
her way
her dance
at last
with you.