Shawna Tavsky

Shawna is a Canadian artist, photographer and creative professional living in Mexico City. In 2010, she co-founded a non-profit interdisciplinary arts center where, as artistic and executive director for ten years, she developed numerous educational and cultural projects for children, youth and emerging artists. The center received two national grants and international recognition for its work. As a creative director and producer Shawna has designed and collaborated in diverse projects since 2002.

Themes of connectedness, transformation and identity are explored in her personal photographic and video art which has been recognized and awarded internationally.


Most recently she decided to deepen her understanding and commitment to the arts focusing on its role in individual health and development. She is completing graduate studies in Art Psychotherapy at the Canadian International Institute for Art Therapy and studying Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida. 

Shawna’s approach as a therapist is interdisciplinary, strength-based, client-centered and trauma-informed. She is currently offering virtual sessions in art psychotherapy and in-person portraiture sessions for therapeutic exploration as part of her professional practicum and research.

CONTACT:  s m t a v s k y @ g m a i l . c o m