As a therapist my approach is integrative and grounded in the understanding that we exist as part of an interconnected living system (mind, body and environment), and that connection to the essence of our being is vital for individual and collective health and well-being. Art Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology offer powerful ways to externalize inner stories, explore the connection between emotions and the body, and gain insight into unconscious processes and unresolved conflicts. A personal journey and late-in-life ASD/ADHD diagnosis contribute to my affirming view on neurodiversity, as well as my professional focus in the area of complex trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety.


As an artist and educator, I’ve collaborated independently on diverse projects for more than 20 years. I’ve performed on stage, photographed internationally, and won awards for video poetry. I ran a creative agency in Montreal before moving to Mexico in 2008 where I co-founded a local community arts and circus center. I designed and directed numerous national and international art education programs at the center between 2010 and 2020. In 2022 I taught the Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Certificate Program (TAPPs) at the Canadian International Institute for Art Therapy.