Shawna Tavsky

Shawna is a visual artist living in Mexico City. Her work has been recognized and exhibited internationally. In 2010 she co-founded Casa de Artes & Circo where she develops and contributes to various educational and cultural projects as an artistic director, producer and advisor.

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Artistic statement

I want to go beyond the world of appearance, connect with emotions and inhabit the world of memory and imagination.

Each photograph is the result of a unique and intimate session. The creative process is intuitive and mostly spontaneous. It begins by entering that cryptic space where we let go of our inhibitions and forget about how we appear to others, where we can perceive the small nuances of being; our essence, our hidden self. My intention is to paint with light and time these quiet gestures of the soul.

“The life of our soul in its very intensity is much more adequately expressed in a glance, a sound, a gesture...” _Hannah Arendt.


"Aquí estoy, sentado sobre esta piedra aparente. Sólo mi memoria sabe lo que encierra. La veo y me recuerdo, y como el agua va al agua, así yo, melancólico, vengo a encontrarme en su imagen cubierta por el polvo, rodeada por las hierbas, encerrada en sí misma y condenada a la memoria y a su variado espejo. La veo, me veo y me transfiguro en multitud de colores y de tiempos. Estoy y estuve en muchos ojos. Yo sólo soy memoria y la memoria que de mí se tenga." _Elena Garro.



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