Art & Health/Photography workshop


A unique experience exploring concepts of self and belonging through engaging weekly photographic assignments and art-led introspection. Each week is designed to stimulate the creative mind, fostering new insights and awareness into ways of perceiving and being in the world.


Great for photography enthusiasts and anyone craving creative self-exploration, discovery and connection.


Groups can be organized online, and in person in Mexico City.


Materials required: 


– A camera (digital preferred including cell cams). 

– A journal to draw and write in.

– Some paints, pencils, and/or markers (various colours).

– Openness and curiosity 🙂


What to expect in class:


– Introduction

– Art introspection exercise

– Presentation & discussion

– Weekly photographic assignment

– Wrap up

Weekly topics: 

Our first art-led introspection delves into sensory awareness and the art of attention. We explore themes of stillness and movement and light and shadow, and we discuss the impact of rigid vs fluid mind-body states on perception which will lead us to our first photographic assignment.


Grounded in attention and sensory awareness, we enter the realm of emotion where we question common constructs and explore emotions through somatic and visual interpretation. We will look to nature and nature's metaphors for further meaning and discovery in our outdoor photographic assignment.

We will visit the felt-sense experience of the self and consider our relationship with the intangible of being, how it appears in and around us, and how it is perceived. This session's inquiries set the stage for our first photographic assignment in self-portraiture. 

In our fourth week, we consider the impact of the context in which we live and it's impact on our being in the world. Our discussion and art inquiry inspire an assignment that turns our lens outwards from a place of centered attention and awareness.

This week we delve into creative storytelling. An introspective exercise will guide the way and our final assignment will be a story about you - however you would like to tell it! We'll share our stories in our final class together. 

We conclude our journey with stories and a workshop wrap-up!