25 June 2019

I laughed
under the sun
and got burnt again
so I stood there
wanting to walk away
wanting to pretend
you never appeared
before you disappeared
I’m holding loneliness
and boredom close until
I remember
these are the enemies
I love.

The ashes of permanence
are buried in my being
in all the memories I forget.

1 June 2019

Infinity sleeps
in your eyes
while time
rests its wings
and love plants
quiet gardens
in the rain.

7 March 2019

it’s cold again
the days pass
the hours go by
have no memory
and the sun is warm
in the morning

20 January 2019

Behind the glass
is a landscape
in me
holding still
a constant
longing to be
in the light
of old souls
in the company
of those
who have learned
to walk slow.

11 January 2019

She stood behind
the lines
and she waited
and waited
until time taught her
she wasn’t waiting
she was wasting
she couldn’t see
her soul
in the mirror
so she smashed
the glass
and new lines
in all directions
the sound of breaking

4 January 2019

your smile moved me
like the child’s hand
that led me forward
on a day I couldn’t
sleep or wake
to find myself
outside myself
in this place
where dragons play

2 January 2019

your wild words
is a surge
of excitement
and a lie
on every note.

Your limbs are flailing.
Your eyes are drowning.
You’re swallowing it all.

24 December 2018

As the silence turns
and the quiet in the walls
she smiles
through the cracks
and she laughs again.

18 December 2018
Lola Photo by Shawna Tavsky
30 October 2018
5 October 2018

La ausencia no existe
en los recuerdos imaginarios
en los momentos

Solo existe el reflejo de ti.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia es un ascenso
del silencio, del mar
escuchándome, contándome
puedo soltar.

Mis manos tiemblan aquí.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia susurra
sus secretos escondidos
por hilos invisibles, cosidos
en mis dedos.

Has dejado tu aliento en mi.

Mis deseos son del viento,
desaparecen con el tiempo.

La ausencia me llama
a través de la ventana
es la boca espantosa
de una rosa hermosa.

Quiero entrar.

12 September 2018

Elegance awoke in tears
to the soft words
you spoke.

When the time came
for a quiet pause
you broke.

22 August 2018

caminaré contigo
liberando mis miedos
dejando mis huellas
en las manos
de mareas
al mar.

12 July 2018

I see
this storm
will steer me
that road
where wild
are slit
and arranged
just so.

30 June 2018
Shawna Tavsky Photo by Fannie Laurence
Photo by Fannie Laurence | Trinidad Studios Montreal
22 May 2018

in circles
she goes
she goes
in circles.

18 May 2018

There’s a reason it’s there.
I liked it at first
now I despise it.

I can´t believe I even put it there
so I have to think about that.

That’s the reason it’s there.

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